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i'll post whatever i want here so be warned maybe?? on the very off chance that i reblog nsfw stuff

interested in attack on titan, evangelion, persona 3/4, free! and probably lots of art things

pls make yourself at home
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you know when you get mad at someones comment and you become part cyborg

heres a girl i drew that i kinda like and may or may not color in the future

i met a new persona friend in my figure drawing class a couple of weeks ago i was so hype

i drew him an aigis because shes his favorite u w u

i really need to play these

my art style never stays the same

here are some shingekis

crying arm, eremin, and fighting annie who is nude for some reason

ocs!! ye

the first is arvo from my long dead(my fault;;;;) harry potter roleplay with some friends! hes cute and kind of a nerd and people like him and hes a werewolf

seconds another dude from a thing in my head, his names malik and hes an incubus who has a massive crush on his best friend

last is an old thing about a hawaiian girl who probably gets stuck in a zombie apocalypse? she likes cute short clothes but she could totally wreck you with blunt objects and all she cares about is finding her girlfriend

i drew this in figure drawing a while back and i still like it

figure drawing homework from a month ago

i procrastinated and was drawing in the cafeteria the morning it was due and i saw this guy just staring at his burger really intensely so i drew him

i have no idea how to draw lips so i finally looked at a picture of some